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What You Should Know about Smart Homes

An Introduction to Automation

What You Should Know about Smart Homes

You have probably heard about the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things. Basically, the IoT means that common household devices are being equipped to send and receive information. In a home, when the lights can communicate with the shades or audio video equipment, they all operate more efficiently. This interconnectivity defines smart home automation and helps to make your San Francisco, CA residence more convenient, intuitive, and intelligent. In our first blog, we want to cover all the basics of smart homes: how they work, what you can automate, and how you can control your devices. Read on to learn more. 

What is a Smart Home?

If you are unfamiliar with smart home automation, the first thing you should know is how simple it is. By placing many of your electronics and devices under one integrated system, like one from Crestron, they are easier to adjust, more efficient, and can work together.

While your technology will learn to adapt to your lifestyle over time, by working with a professional integrator, you can create customized settings right off the bat. For one thing, you can learn to create “scenes.” Scenes are collections of settings that incorporate one or more of your smart technologies. For instance, you can create a “wake up” scene that opens your motorized shades, dims up the lights leading to your bathroom, and plays your favorite pop song to help energize you.

What Can You Automate?

One of the best features of a smart home is how it adapts to your needs and your residence. The truth is there are innumerable devices that can be integrated into your system. In fact, the list grows with each passing month, with new smart devices ranging from ovens to mattresses. For our purposes, we will cover some of the most popular solutions you can use throughout your whole home.

  • Lighting Control: Automated lighting allows you the ultimate control over all the lights in your home. You can create schedules that maximizeyour home’s lighting but minimize your monthly electricity bills.
  • Motorized Shades: Speaking of energy savings, motorized shades can help you reduce your electricity bills by reducing HVAC costs and add a touch of luxury to each room. 
  • Whole Home Audio: If you’re gathering with friends or just hanging out at home, adding music can dramatically improve all your activities.
  • Home Theater: A dedicated home theater is the best way to have a cinematic experience at home. Professional installation ensures that the sound and picture is the best quality.
  • Home Security: Smart home security provides you peace of mind. Stay in touch with your home through your smartphone or tablet from anywhere. You can watch a live feed or lock your front door right from the office with the proper equipment.
  • Outdoor Entertainment: Weatherproof versions of your favorite technologies mean that the fun doesn’t have to stop when you go outside. Improve your patio or yard with audio and video solutions designed for the outdoors.

How Do You Control Your Technology?

Whatever solutions work best for your home, the best part is how simple they are to control. Within your home, you have the options to use touchpanels, smart remotes, or wall switches to make adjustments. Now, you can even incorporate voice recognition technology like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You can also use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to make changes via an app from inside the home or from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

When working with The Homeworks Group, we’ll help configure the system and make certain that you feel comfortable making adjustments. We’ll help develop schedules and scenes that will optimize your home and help save you energy.

If you’re ready to add smart home automation to your San Francisco home, give The Homeworks Group a call at 920.600.9680 or fill out this quick form