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How Will Motorized Shades Enhance Your Living Space?

Bring Luxury and Energy-Efficiency to Your Home with This Smart Feature

How Will Motorized Shades Enhance Your Living Space?

Want to know how you can add comfort and convenience to your East Bay, CA home?  No need to wonder any longer – motorized shades are the perfect smart tech solution for your living space.

But how does this smart feature transform your property?  In this blog, we dive into the advantages and benefits of installing smart shades in your home.

You’ll then see how you can change up even the simplest of tasks and make daily life a breeze.  Read on to see how automated window treatments can elevate your home!

Optimize Your Lighting

Your lighting control system isn’t the only means of adjusting your room’s lighting.  You can also utilize the sun’s natural rays. Your motorized shades can also help you achieve that perfect glow in your home.

Set your shades to lower and raise up at particular times throughout the day, or you can also install photo sensors that will detect when the sun is shining just the right amount through your windows.

When the sun’s rays are less harsh, such as in the morning or later in the day, you can have your shades automatically raise up to let in the warmth and light.

Then, if the sun starts shining too brightly, your shades can then lower to keep away any glares on your screens and protect your interiors. This also helps to prevent solar heat gain!

Add Style to Your Home

Many homeowners think that smart technology and aesthetics don’t mix. But this isn’t true! You can blend automation and interior design seamlessly.

With your motorized shades, you’ll not only bring efficiency and luxury to your home, but also give a nice touch of taste and style.

You might have large, floor-to-ceiling window that you never put shades on in fear of not being able to reach them – this is where your smart shades come into play.

Dress up your windows and simply press a button to operate your shades with ease.

There are endless fabrics and patterns to choose from, as well as a dual shading option. Choose blackout shades that can transform any space into a media room – and then roll them up to reveal your colorful or sheer shades that can accompany and enhance your décor.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

You use up a lot of energy in your home throughout the year – whether it’s for cooling or heating your house. Use your motorized shades to help reduce this energy-usage.

As mentioned above, your shades can help prevent solar heat gain when that sun is shining in through your windows.

Your AC begins to work hard to cool your home down when this problem arises – but now your shades can cut down on this energy usage by simply lowering and keeping your home cool!

When it gets cold out, your shades can also provide nice insulation for your home.  Honeycomb shades have built-in pockets to help with this, but strategic placement of any shades creates a small gap between the shade and window. This space is perfect insulation for your home.

You don’t have to sacrifice style or convenience to be eco-friendly in your home.  Want to learn even more how motorized shades can enhance your home and lower your energy usage?

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