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Do You Know the Difference Between Home Control and Automation?

Learn How to Make Your Home Uniquely Set for Your Needs

Do You Know the Difference Between Home Control and Automation?

When researching and planning integrated technology for your house, you might come across the two phrases “home control” and “home automation.”  While similar to one another, their distinctions are a huge factor when making upgrades.  We’ll explore below what’s needed and which to choose in order to bring superior luxury home automation to your East Bay, CA living space.

Home Control in a Nutshell

The term means what it says – absolute control over your home.  You can manage and operate certain features of the house, such as your motorized shades and blinds, your controlled light fixtures, or your smart thermostat.  You can regulate every part of your Creston system from a remote, smartphone, tablet, or voice control device.

Easily say a command to turn off the lights or lower the temperature, or use an app to roll up your shades.  Incorporate as little or as many components as you’d like, including a security system or your audio video preferences.  With home control, everything is in your hands at the push of a button.


Smart Home Automation Basics

On the other hand, home automation does not even require you to press a button or pick up a remote of any sort.  Your home is set to your perfect atmospheric needs automatically.  There is no effort needed, and no worrying about even remembering to set things into motion on a daily basis.

The system can do virtually anything you schedule or set it to do.  Have your favorite song play as soon as the sun rises for your own personal alarm clock, or set the inside temperature to rise when the system senses the degrees dropping outside.

Not only is this easier on you, but it can also help you save energy.  Sensors can detect if no one is in a room and turn off the lights, ensuring your home minimalizes energy usage. Your motorized shades can also sense if too much direct sunlight is heating up a space, and can lower the blinds and brighten the lights to maintain a room’s brightness – all the while preventing solar heat gain.

Which One?

The best way to look at it is that home automation is an upgrade to home control.  Usually, the control comes first or is included with the luxury home automation technology.  Our recommended solution is to have a blended version of both for your system.  While it’s wonderful to have tasks done for you, sometimes, having the control for yourself is more ideal.

Your custom electronic system will be exactly how you want it, with just as much control and automation as you desire.  To learn more about these advanced features for your Northern California home, contact us at (925) 600-9680 or online through our contact page.