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How Will Motorized Shades Enhance Your Living Space?

Bring Luxury and Energy-Efficiency to Your Home with This Smart Feature

How Will Motorized Shades Enhance Your Living Space?

Want to know how you can add comfort and convenience to your East Bay, CA home?  No need to wonder any longer – motorized shades are the perfect smart tech solution for your living space.

But how does this smart feature transform your property?  In this blog, we dive into the advantages and benefits of installing smart shades in your home.

You’ll then see how you can change up even the simplest of tasks and make daily life a breeze.  Read on to see how automated window treatments can elevate your home!

The Best Smart Technology for Restaurants and Bars in 2018

Make the Most of the New Year With A Creston Automation System

The Best Smart Technology for Restaurants and Bars in 2018

Perhaps you already have a plan for how you will grow business for your restaurant or bar.

Or maybe you are just now thinking about how you can improve your Northern California establishment in 2018.

Here’s our recommendation: Invest in an integrated control system.

There’s a solid reason behind that recommendation (or two, actually): It’s technology that not only enhances your customers’ experiences, but it also can make business operations more efficient (saving you money as a result).

For the best automation and control possible, we recommend Crestron systems. We are a proud Crestron dealer and can customize any system to your restaurant or bar’s needs – whether it’s in San Francisco or beyond.

Below, we explore what, exactly, a Crestron system can do for your business. Simply keep reading to find out more.

The Growing Home Construction Trend: Prewiring

The ROI on Integrating Home Networks during Construction

The Growing Home Construction Trend: Prewiring

Savvy architects and builders recognize that if you want to beat the competition, you have to give homeowners what they want. It turns out that homeowners want smart technology. Take a look at some of these statistics to get a grasp of the connected home situation:

  • 45 percent of homeowners are installing smart systems or devices during their renovation projects (Houzz Smart Home Trends Study, 2016)
  • 30 million U.S. households planned to add smart home technology in the next 12 months (The Safe and Smart Home Study, 2016)
  • One in 10 households currently has smart technology (Gartner Survey, 2016)
  • Connected homes have grown year over year, from 17 million in 2015 to 29 million in 2017 (McKinsey Connected Homes Study)

The demand is clearly there, and it’s not limiting itself to renovations either. When people buy new homes, they want those homes to be ready for smart technology. That leads us to the trend that builders and architects throughout the San Francisco, California area are rapidly adopting: home network prewiring.

Do You Know the Difference Between Home Control and Automation?

Learn How to Make Your Home Uniquely Set for Your Needs

Do You Know the Difference Between Home Control and Automation?

When researching and planning integrated technology for your house, you might come across the two phrases “home control” and “home automation.”  While similar to one another, their distinctions are a huge factor when making upgrades.  We’ll explore below what’s needed and which to choose in order to bring superior luxury home automation to your East Bay, CA living space.