To assure a project’s success, we follow a well-proven process that provides a systematic approach to achieving a successful project. Throughout the entire process we work closely with the architect, general contractor, interior designer, or any other contractors on the project in order to facilitate a smooth transaction.



  • This begins with gaining an understanding of the needs and desires of the client, the desired functionality and project budget
  • It includes sharing of ideas and possibilities so the client is aware of all options and possibilities
  • CAD documentation is initiated that details all aspects of the project
  • An Engineered Project Plan is created that specifies the entire project, including all project materials, installation effort and project cost.


  • CAD drawings are completed and provided to the field team for execution
  • All changes are further documented for maximum installation efficiencies and long term project and client support


  • The task of installing all the required wiring infrastructure for the project, working closely with other contractors involved on the project.


  • When the home is ready, final equipment is installed


  • Usually started long before the final equipment is installed, the programming effort is finalized and refined after the equipment is installed.

System Test

  • Verification that all equipment and programming performs as intended and desired. Implementation of any necessary tweaks and changes.

Client Handoff

  • Acceptance of the complete system by the client

Support & Service

  • We will be there to handle any necessary service as well as any changes or additions desired in the future.
  • We strive to maintain long term relationships with each and every client